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Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by My name is Craig Cooney and I am married to the amazing, beautiful Becky. We have one very active little boy, Elijah. For the past 13 years I have been involved in church leadership on both sides of the 'border' in Ireland where I have had the immense privilege of seeing hundreds of lives transformed, dreams fulfilled and hearts restored by Jesus and the power of His Gospel. I am currently leading a relatively new church called HOPE in Craigavon, just south of Belfast.

I am primarily a Bible teacher/preacher with a prophetic gifting.

Central to everything in my ministry and life has been God's Word, the Bible. My absolute conviction is that the Bible is no ordinary book. It's pages are infused with the breath of the Holy Spirit and it's words carry Divine authority.  It brings new life, hope, healing, freedom and purpose. It teaches us what God is like and how His people should live in light of this revelation as His covenant community demonstrating His love and power. It clearly shows us that a personal relationship with our Creator is available only through faith in Jesus Christ, His son. It outlines the Big Story of God's dealings with humanity: where we came from and where we are going, thus giving life dignity, meaning and purpose. And it teaches us that God is good - really, amazingly, incredibly good.  He lovingly rules and reigns over His creation, and He longs to partner with us, His people, to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. One day Jesus will return and all things will be made new.


So I believe the Bible is God's Word, Holy Spirit-breathed, pointing to Jesus, God's Son.        

However, I have also benefitted hugely over the years from prophetic ministry.  Those with a gifting in the prophetic have spoken into my life directly and indirectly at key/pivotal moments.  This has helped me navigate through different decisions and transitions and has been invaluable in helping me discern the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I started Daily Prophetic on Instagram in May 2018 simply as a place to encourage God's people through daily words of encouragement backed up by Scripture.  I have been incredibly surprised by how much it has grown (around 1000 followers a week) and by the feedback I have received.  Many people have contacted me to say that the daily words have been helpful, encouraging, confirming and timely.  I simply awake each morning and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to say to His people today.  I write it down and back it up with the Bible.  That's it.

While all of this is a leap of faith for me, I simply long to communicate my love for Scripture and prophetic ministry with as many people as possible. Above all, my prayer is that your heart would be transformed and your life conformed to become more and more like Jesus.

To Jesus be all glory, honour, worship and praise, Craig

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