In May 2016, I walked away from leading of the largest and fastest growing churches in our country. On the outside I looked like a happy, successful pastor with a wonderful, perfect family. Inside I was exhausted and empty.

We knew we had to leave where we were.
But we had nowhere or nothing to go to.
This was the beginning of a season of transition for us. A season which lasted almost 2 years.

In this book I take you on a journey through our transition, and in 30 chapters explore some of the lessons I learned during this prolonged and often difficult season.

Here’s just some of what you will discover in the next 30 days:

▪️How we know when it’s time to move on and making “necessary endings”.
▪️Letting go of the past so we can make room to fully embrace and experience God’s good future.
▪️The struggle and frustration of those times when you’re waiting on God to move, and Heaven is silent.
▪️How to identify when God is opening and closing doors.
▪️How to recognize God’s favor and lean into it so as to make the most of those areas of your life God is blessing.
▪️How to develop a real relationship with the Holy Spirit and avoid hyper-spiritual stupidity.
▪️Overcoming the inevitable obstacles and opposition that will come your way when you step out in bold faith.
▪️Breaking out of negative relationships and areas where you’ve become ‘stuck’.
▪️Crossing over into the ‘Promised Land’ - the unique inheritance God has for each believer.
▪️How to experience breakthrough and discover your destiny.

And so much more....

In 390 pages, split over 30 days, you will go on a journey through the wilderness and desert of transition, growing and learning to trust, so that you can enter all that God has for you.

To begin your 30 day journey of entering the ‘new’ God has for you, simply click on the link below:
Every blessing,


The Tension
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Here’s just some of the genuine and unsolicited feedback from hundreds of readers whose lives have been impacted by this book:

“I can't begin to tell you even with tears streaming down my face how thankful I am for you book.”

“Your book is so freakishly appropriate for where I am today....I just wanted to encourage you. Your book is, so far, already very good. 
You...even recently called out a breakthrough that brought me out of a grieving season and into fresh light, literally the same day.”

“This book is so on time!“

“I can't start to explain how timely your book is and how much God is confirming my season. I am so encouraged and very blessed reading your and your family's journey of transition. Even though my transition looks completely different the scriptures are on-point! I love how God uses His word.”

I also just wanted to say thank you for writing the book in the first place and for being so honest, open and vulnerable. I give thanks to God that I came across your book at the perfect time . His timing is always perfect . Therefore I can’t express adequately how much of an impact it has had on myself and my husband. God has used it as a tool to encourage us greatly.”

“These chapters have been amazing and right on time!!! Thank you so much! God bless you!”

“Your book is so applicable to the season I am in right now!”

“This book is really timely and so helpful to put things into perspective and keep looking FORWARD!!”

“Your book has opened a flood gate of revelation!! I’ve allowed FEAR to cripple me from making a move to trust God for HIS best in my life.....Thank you soooo much for your book! I’m so grateful God has used your personal struggles in Transition to help those of us in the wilderness!!....God Bless you!”

“Your book I am reading Tension of Transition is so Holy Spirit on point! I am in awe that you are writing exactly what I am feeling and thinking as I walk through this crazy storm / transition and I thank God for you writing this. I love how you place the scripture through out each day as well.  I know these scriptures but the way you included them in this book gives it a multifaceted understanding.”

“Oh my gosh I love this! So beautiful.”

“I feel like a different person after reading it.”

“I just wanted to encourage you regarding the book you are currently writing. Honestly, we eagerly await every day’s instalment, and every day it feels like you are writing just for us...your words are saving and bringing life.
...I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ministry and the words of life you are writing. God is so kind with His timing and attention to detail.”

“I really couldn’t articulate what I was experiencing until I read your book. Thank you.”

“This season really does feel like I'm flying between trapezes. It's good to know that I am not alone because it feels very lonely. I'm so glad you have been through it and that you are writing about it to encourage us.”

“Your book as been such a blessing to me, as have your Instagram posts..,.Approximately a week ago I learned of your book and began to receive your daily updates. Your words have seemed so very timely to me. The stories, scriptures, etc you have “unpacked” have really ministered to me in my “wilderness.” So, thank you so very much for sharing from your own experience and relationship with God. I’m sure your book will minister to many more as well.”

“I give thanks to you that you being obedient to the Lord on writing these pages. I look forward everyday to see the words coming from Father God. It is amazing that I am NOT the only one going through this painful transition facing so many fears. Reading these pages makes feel like I am holding my Father's hand and me as a small kid.
God bless you and receive the strengths from HIM alone to continue to the finishing target.”

“I praise God for u everyday! The timing of ur writings in my life is beyond supernatural overflow of God’s love for me!...
...I bless u with continued stamina and words of wisdom to God’s people! You are a blessed servant of the Lord, let it be as He says!”

“I am absolutely loving the book! It has been super fruitful for me.“

“Thank you so much! That was amazing. I so enjoy reading these drafts each day....
...Your words timely and are always encouraging.  I thank you for your faithfulness, it’s reach is global and impacting more folks than you can imagine! Just wanted you to know.”

“I have no words to say THANKS! I won't get tired to say THANK YOU!
You have NO IDEA the strength and faith that I am getting in reading these chapters.”

“Thank you so much for your obedience in writing these devotional every day! I know it can be a challenge. But the Lord is truly speaking through you. Everything written aligns prophetically with my life. You’re like the pastor that I don’t have at this moment.”

“I wanted to let you know that the excerpts I have read from your new book are absolutely phenomenal and will be life changing to so many. Thank you for your obedience in putting pen to paper.“

“I feel like I know you well because you have been refreshingly open in your writing.”

“Your insights and encouragements have been both timely and powerful for us and I have no doubt are prompted by the Holy Spirit speaking through you.”

“I have heard God speak and confirm so much!....God has used your story in my current season and I thank God for every small detail.”

“Thank you, this has been such an eye opener to me. Thank you, for allowing God to work through you.
Thank you, for taking the talent God has given you to bless those around you.
Thank you, for encouraging words that jump off these pages and make such a huge impact.
Thank you, thank you.”

“I bought and started reading it! A chapter a day. It’s fantastic and I knew something was happening in my life. But after reading 2 chapters I feel confirmed transitions are happening. Thanks!”

“Just started reading your book about transition. Thank you so much, it’s literally exactly where my husband and I are at right now....your book has been such an encouragement to us from what we’ve read so far, to keep trusting God when we can’t see and don’t yet understand. Thank you so much. I look forward to finishing reading your book. God Bless.”

“I can’t put your book down!”

“The chapters have been totally spot on for me...thank you for opening up your story and sharing personal experiences throughout this book. That has made it relatable, which has made it more enjoyable to read, as well as making breakthrough feel like something that can actually happen to me too!”

“Dear Craig - I just purchased your book yesterday. I have been soaking it up like a sponge!! I am so thankful to Our Father that He has given you this assignment. You have an exceptional way of communicating with the rest of us who are currently going through our own season of transition. This book is giving me the help I need to graciously walk through this transition with eyes wide open embracing the process and trusting God and His promises. Thank you so much Brother! You are a gift to the church and very much appreciated!”


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